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Texas #1 Custom Plastic Cutting Boards

Who we are

Welcome, my name is Ian Hemming, I am the owner and founder of Custom Cutting Boards R US. We are a small, family-owned business located in Magnolia, Texas. For the past 14 years our top-quality cutting boards have been processed and sold for use within a variety of restaurants, meat markets, BBQ stores and competitions, but most important, it finds its way onto the home countertop of families across the US and beyond.

Why our boards?


CCBRUS boards are set apart from anything you’ll see on the market today.

Our boards have always been a conversation starter at family gatherings and back yard grilling parties because we believe in making something worth talking about. For almost a decade and a half, we have listened to what our customers truly want in a cutting board, and we’ve made it happen in a way that reaches every need. For instance, the home cook needed a unique and aesthetically pleasing board, yet also one with durability that will last decades, you got it!

BBQ cook-off competitors needed a large, heavy-duty board with wide handles, a deep liquid trough and enough space to showcase everything in one place, check! The professional chief needed a sturdy, no-slip board with room to chop, slice and dice with easy clean up, no problem! Regardless of whose hands our boards end up in, we take pride in knowing that the quality and functional design of our products result in a satisfaction that can’t be beat.


How they’re made

To add to our quality and uniqueness, we process our boards using 2 colored, three-layered HDPE sonic welded plastic that is USDA and FDA approved. All our boards are a robust ¾ inches thick (19.05 MM), with custom, rubber non-slip feet that have been secured with 316 stainless steel screws to ensure the feet will never slip out.

We offer 24/7 support through E-mail or Phone to answer any questions or concerns.  Thanks for visiting our site!

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100% dishwasher safe

highly condensed UV protected